Steampunk Fairy Mini Garden

Re-purposing aluminum drink cans to the max!

Steampunk Fairy Mini Garden

Steampunk Fairy Mini Garden

I create miniature garden accessories from found materials and I’ve used aluminum and tin cans for many projects, like Steampunk Miniature Fairy Garden whose windmill and roof were fashioned from recycled cans.

I’ve saved crushed aluminum drink cans for years to sell back to the recycling stations until I discovered videos of what could be made from the deconstructed and flattened sheets of aluminum! I experimented with making tiny hand embossed boxes which lead me to purchased an embossing and die-cutting machine. I’m not sure if the machine purchase was a good or a bad thing, since I’ve spent a fortune on dies and accessories, but I’m having a blast with my new toy.

The machines were initially designed for scrapbooking and quilting. They will not only emboss, but cut through anything that can be cut with scissors. Aluminum cans can be cut with scissors! I’ve yet to emboss or cut a sheet of paper!

With the help of cutting dies, I now have an endless resource of materials and a much easier and faster time creating very unique accessories. Just a few of the new goodies will include:

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