… to Walker’s Way Weeds, a cottage industry that creates functional home and garden products from recycled materials. On this site, weeds are symbolic of things initially unwanted with unrealized potential. The weeds we pay to have hauled away can possibly be used in some manner to enhance our lives, just like those dandelions that are nutritious herbal food and tasty coffee substitute.

Please visit the Weed Gallery of past projects to see what can be done with weeds! Visit Bev’s Blog to find out what is happening in the workshop, learn a few weed crafting tips, and see a few of the latest creations! Subscribe if you would like an email notification of new posts.

Walker’s Way Weeds’ public studio opening has once again been postponed. Please check the Calendar for the opening date, as well as, local vending schedule. Presently, items are for sale at SWVA Cultural Center & Marketplace and online through the Etsy Shop. Join us on Facebook: Walker’s Way Weeds and the Papercrete Crafting Group.