Beverly Walker, dba Walker’s Way Weeds, is a mixed-media artist who creates functional art from recycled manmade and natural materials from her home in Southwest Virginia.

I was very fortunate to have grown up with a great-grandfather who made toys from recycled materials and homemade glue that reflected historical country life for his city-born grandchildren. I think of him when I’m creating spinning flowers from aluminum drink cans and mini houses and pots from papercrete. I hear his laughter at my quirky ideas and feel his approval when I’m done. So I will continue to create something from nothing, as he did, for as long as my eyes can see and my hands can move.

Papercrete is a mix of recycled paper and cement used to form:

  • Pots & planters
  • Fairy & critter houses
  • Sculptures
  • Memory Stones

Miniature Gardens & Accessories liven up a pot or a spot in the yard. They are hand-fashioned from a myriad of materials, so each piece is a one-of-a-kind (OOAK) creation and not a mass-produced import:

  • Furniture sets
  • Arbors & swings
  • Resin fish ponds
  • Stepping stones
  • Potted plants & trees
  • Patios & bridges
  • Spinning Windflowers

Walker’s Way Weeds uses recycled materials:

Walkers Way Weeds logo

  • to create products
  • for product displays
  • for packaging & shipping

The new logo represents three Ws in a circle to form a recycle triangle at the center. This logo may be found on the bottom of larger pieces.

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