Hobbit Haven hedge experiment

Papercrete Fairy House Hedge Growth

Papercrete Hobbit House Hedge-front

The front of Hobbit Haven (protected by a plastic bag) after the cement-soaked dish towel was formed into place.

I already have a few hours invested in Hobbit Haven and wasn’t happy with any painted options that I imagined for the top of the house. I wanted dimensional “hedge growth”, so I’m trying a technique of soaking fabric in cement slurry (watery cement). The idea is that the cemented fabric can be draped over an object, formed as needed, and then left to cure and dry.

The hedge growth will be a separate papercrete piece to work with. If I like the result, I’ll permanently attach it to the house. If I don’t like it, I can try again, or do something different.

Papercrete Hobbit Haven Hedge-back

The backside of Hobbit Haven showing a little more detail of the texture the towel and slurry created.

I really hope this cemented fabric method works! I like how the textured hedge looks, so I’m crossing my fingers for success once again!

*** See the results ***

Special thanks to the sharing folks of Concrete Crafters (closed group, ask to join) and Hypertufa (Fan Club) on Facebook for their inspiration!

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