Angry house mold and curing

Fairy Houses Formed

Angry house mold-formed
The R2D2-like mold was made from disposable plastic containers, Easter egg half, foam packing material, shopping bag, tape, and a straw. It yielded an “Angry House” once formed with papercrete. The pattern of the roofline made it appear a bit ticked-off, but I liked it, so I left it. The papercrete felt really good and I have high hopes for this one!

Baby Box
This little guy was hand-formed over a small square plastic dipping sauce container. There was not much prep other than oiling the container and poking a paintbrush handle into the wet papercrete to form the windows, door, and chimney hole. This one was created from the leftover Angry House batch of papercrete.

Hobbit Dome mold-form
This little “Hobbit Dome” was molded from the same materials as the Angry House, along with the center from a tape dispenser (for the doorway). It formed up alright, but I didn’t care for the papercrete consistency…too wet. It is still quite moist so I have my doubts that it will cure properly.

I’ll be de-molding the fairy houses tomorrow and will report back with successes and failures, so stay tuned . . .


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