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Papercrete Dew Drop Fairy House

Baby Box became “Dew Drop”. After painting, she was embellished with aluminum soda can cutouts for window frames and round leaves for the potted tree. A pull-tab, screen, and wires form the front door. A plastic end cap was cut down to create a pot for the twisted scrap wire tree, and crushed lava rock dust was added for the pot mulch.

I’ve had the flu and been out of commission the last few weeks, so I’m taking a day to catch up the Blog with the papercrete fairy house projects.  Some of the fairy houses were pretty cut-n-dry to develop. They were hand formed over disposable food containers, un-molded after set, dried, painted, and embellished.

Papercrete Techno-Fairy House

Franken-Fairy, one of the infamous flopped hobbits, became “Techno-Fairy”. After painting, he was embellished with a can lid roof and door, ink pen and watch parts, along with anything else that suited his Borg-like needs.

Papercrete Lilac Lane Fairy House

The Angry House became a more calm “Lilac Lane”. She sports hand painted and decorated split acorn window flower boxes, and hand carved wooden front and cellar doors.

There are only a few papercrete fairy houses left from this first run. I’ll wait to post their more complicated processes as they’re completed.

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