Busy, Busy! – forming hardware cloth miniatures

Fairy Throne Set

This 1/2″-scale fairy throne set was handmade from wire mesh hardware cloth, Swarovski gem, gold-tone beads, Fantasy Film, polymer clay, and paint.

I’ve been extremely busy the last couple months (good for me), so I’m just getting back to blogging! I promised in my last blog post to create a couple of tutorials. There was one to be on forming hardware cloth and another on using recycled asphalt shingles for miniature garden accessories.

Designing a pattern is the hardest part of creating with the hardware cloth. I posted a tutorial in Tuts & Vids with photos and simple patterns in hopes that anyone who is interested can learn to “get the hang of it”. There is not much to it otherwise: the mesh is cut according to your pattern (much like in sewing), the bends are made, and then the item is painted if desired. I’m not sure if I anticipated all the questions one might have so feel free to ask!

Fairy Pink Petite Patio

Would your fairy prefer a pink Petite Patio with a beverage served in a Swarovski bicone crystal?

A tutorial on etching, forming, and use of recycled asphalt shingles for miniature fairy garden projects is in the queue for next time.

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