Waiting Game

Curing Hobbits
As I suspected, the Hobbit houses didn’t do very well. It took two days before I could remove them from the molds, and they might collapse anyway. They’re still wet, fragile, and spongy. I’m afraid this batch failed! I’m letting them set out to see if they will harden up any, or just flop. Either way, I can’t use them. I learned a lesson (or two), so it wasn’t a complete waste of time and materials . . . disappointing though!

Curing Angry-Box

The Angry House and the Baby Box house did very well. I had no trouble removing them from the molds after 24-hours. They’re already set (firm), warm to the touch, and back in their moisture tent (shopping bag) for another day! I’ll let them dry out before I start decorating and adding embellishments.

NOTE: There’s a basement/cellar door at the back of the Angry House that didn’t show up on the previous post. It was a hand-formed last-minute addition . . . it just needed “something” back there.

Well, back to the papercrete pad to get started on another batch of fairy houses!

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