Never Give Up!

Hobbit Haven

“Hobbit Haven” features carved stones on the chimney and around the doorway and windows. It will have a fitted wooden door and a moss roof.

The hobbit houses LIVE . . . the flopped hobbits didn’t flop!!

Steampunk Franken-Fairy

“Steampunk Franken-Fairy House” looks a little plain now, but will soon be sporting a new metal roof, fitted metal door, and window treatment.

I allowed the little abodes to dry out and they surprisingly set up very well. They were made from an experimental batch of papercrete containing crushed lava rock which yielded a lighter weight and may be the reason for the extra wet mix too.

I’ve had fun playing, carving, and painting the mini mounds. I’ll post more pics after I complete the finishing touches.

I’m so glad I didn’t give up on the hobbit houses!

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