Tuts & Vids

These are the tutorials and videos available for public viewing.


  1. Forming a Textured Pot Mold  (pdf format)
  2. Unmolding & Curing a Textured Pot (pdf format)
  3. Hardware Cloth Wire Forming Tutorial (pdf format)
  4. Embellishing Your Weiman Mini Model Resin Furniture (pdf format)

Miscellaneous Videos:

Steampunk Miniature Fairy Garden made of recycled items including dishware, cigarette lighters, scrap copper pipe, and tuna cans:

  1. The Miniature Dish Garden Tour
  2. Windmill Works!
  3. Fairy Lift (Friend & Freight Elevator)

Fairy Jar House Experiment was a learning process with Celluclay (paper mache clay) over a glass pickle jar and other recycled materials.

  1. Fairy Jar House Experiment: Part 1 (slideshow)
  2. Fairy Jar House Experiment: Part 2

The Construction of Toadville demonstrates the use of found objects to create a home for a toad house made of recycled items.

Tater TotesDIY grow bags made from recycled landscape fabric.

Possum Pots are inexpensive upside down planters using recycled soda bottles:

  1. Cut & Punch
  2. Decorate
  3. Planting
  4. Assembly

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